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easily seem a saint, when nothing is sacred

July 15, 2015 the star Sirius in conjunction with three planets Moon-Mars-Mercury in opposition to Pluto and the star Astsella.


15 июля 2015 сириус марс меркурий луна плутон асцелла


Unmistakably can say only one thing that a lot of aspects of ambiguity and to make this day very bright. Therefore I confine listing the most important ...


The star Sirius (Alpha Canis 9 m -1.46) As a symbol of spiritual and mystical aid, gives the supreme authority and spiritual support. Since time immemorial, it was considered the "king", but also aggressive.


In conjunction with Mars, Sirius promises great wealth, good fortune in commercial enterprises or in the affairs of government, but it could be quite dangerous because too ambitious aspirations often lead to dangerous obstacles, and even attempts at life.


Sirius in conjunction with Mercury - a dizzying success in business, support of influential persons, but also physical disability due to an accident.


Sirius in conjunction with the Moon - it is a success in business and with the opposite sex; change for the better at home and at work.


Opposition Mars - Pluto is highly people will check in the path of development. These people may use the collective will for their own purposes.

Worst representatives of humanity become violent abusers or victims of violent crimes.

In the case of military action - participation in a fight, revolution, crime, natural disasters.


The opposition Pluto - Moon will bring the trend to command your family and friends, the debate about the legacy of the family.


The opposition Pluto - Mercury makes us very curious in relation to others, which leads to trouble and bad personal relationship. Hit in a difficult position as a result of possible death.


Pluto is in conjunction with the star Astsella (Sagittarius). Under the influence of extraordinary circumstances, awakens superconscience new capacity or abrupt, drastic changes in the life. Often it happens catastrophe, radically changing life dramatically and irreversibly.


Moon, to finish building these aspects, including their effect dramatically. And would not the author of this publication to create, if it is a cosmic event happened in 29 lunar day - one of the most dangerous and scary satanic days when people on the astral fog thickens.


What to do and how to be, you ask?


Just do not know, friends ... Important to be careful. Involvement of stars and Pluto exclude our will and gives fatality this day.


The motto of this day - the peacefulness and, as a consequence, self-preservation.


Particularly relevant will be the day for people, communities and events, born in the area date July 6, the 6st of January and sensitive points with the personal horoscope in 13-14 degrees of Cancer and 15 degrees of Capricorn.



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