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Astrological forecast for the week
from July 29 to August 4, 2015




It is very difficult aspect to your sign. Serious inspection and test fate suit those of you whose work is associated with public finance - banks, insurance companies, foundations. However, in some rare cases, it is in these areas can be achieved maximum results. All that is now in the pledge (especially real estate), you risk losing, unless of course, to have real preconditions. Your direct management (or your parents!) Can help you provide long-term loans, giving the necessary guarantees. But, be very careful when signing a long-term securities and bank documents. Take it with maximum seriousness and responsibility. There is a possibility of sudden loss of property as a result of collisions with crime, accidents, and natural disasters.           




Time trials ongoing. Planet Saturn soon will go into Leo and stand in opposition to the sign of Aquarius. Aspect opposition in astrology associated both with different wars, disorders, divorce, the division and the courts, and with the business partnership, cooperation, collaboration, cooperation and marriage. Your enemies can now be cold-blooded and pragmatic. Anyway, all your official social and personal relationships, being subjected to scrutiny, and the most serious challenges. Because Aquarians are renowned for their love of freedom and anarchic behavior, many of you will be difficult to avoid the cancellation of contracts, imputations and divorces. Dictate rigid framework and conditions in the marriage, you will be hard to sustain. As a result, you are now risk being left alone, and without the support of partners. But on the other hand, some idle Aquarius, Saturn will provide a durable and long-term marriage with a reliable partner, probably older than you in age, and reminds one of your parents.           




You'll have to be patient and tighten their belts. Saturn will test the strength of your body's resistance to various diseases. The main theme of Saturnian forecasts, will your health. Over the next 2.5 years, you can devote a lot of time to your health and it is a pleasure to spend a lot of money. In some fish, and these concerns are serious problems relate to one of the parents. Now you'd better keep a cool head and a clear mind. Many of you recommend pouring cold water as a universal panacea for the various ills and psychological problems. At best, you are passing a mass prevention and various procedures Temper your body and feel younger and more energetic. In many ways, your predictions will remind forecasts for signs of Capricorn and Virgo.           




The tests and challenges relate to your children, and relations with them. There is a possibility of injuries and colds, as well as a variety of complications in childbirth. Although some of you right now and is destined to give birth or conceive a child. At best, your children will achieve a high position and will take their place under the sun. There is also the possibility that you soon will meet a suitable father for your children. Either your adult children meet their fathers, which they have forgotten. At the highest positions can count those few of you whose work involves children, games, entertainment, exhibits, screenings and demonstrations, as well as those working in the field of cinema, show business, television, jewelry business.           




The main changes will affect the inside of your life and all family issues. To present you wonderful chance to find your home. Nearest 2.5, the fate cause you to determine the place of residence and to resolve all issues with the property. Young Taurus, parents and the elderly will play a major role. On the negative side, the likelihood of serious complications in the relationship with the native people. If your past remained unresolved issues with their parents and the elderly, now you fall negative karma ancestors, and you can remain without homes. At such times, many people are drawn to the graves of ancestors for forgiveness of past sins. Only sincere repentance and remorse "lift a stone" from the soul.           




Saturn has prepared serious tests of your closest relatives, neighbors, and fellow classmates. Many Gemini in dealing with them, likely period of alienation, discord and separation. Most likely it will happen, because you can not currently provide them with real (often financial) assistance and support. But there is a downside. All of the above can currently achieve their goals and take high positions, and not without your direct involvement. Or are you really help them with the exchange of real estate. One way or another, but a variety of housing issues and property issues will be resolved with the assistance of your brothers and sisters. Now you can get into the hands of a very serious book (probably technical), through which you can greatly improve their professional skills, or your new connection will be very "useful and prestigious." There is a possibility the arrival of your elderly, or you have to visit them. To those new ideas, which will be visited by your head, and the new proposals, you will be treated very seriously and responsibly.           




In the near future heaven lasting arrange check all your income, savings, property issues. The old sources of income, is now easily lose its former reliability. These issues are now better take a big share of responsibility and seriousness. Many will have to tighten their belts and significantly reduce their costs, or very soon, you will be completely broke. On the biggest achievement and deserved promotion, can today count a few crabs - art historians, museum workers, banks, pawnshops, expensive shops, as well as representatives of creative professions - sculptors, artists, fashion designers, designers, goldsmiths.           




Now your predictions are in the focus of admiring public. It's time for self-determination and self-identification. Any new start a new cycle in the life begins from the moment of insight, new ideas, plan, plan. Now is the perfect time for planning and calculations on paper. Time materialization come a little later.           




For you, this period will be painted solitude, and retires. Some of you will have to care for the sick, and donate their time and wealth. Most likely, these concerns are somehow connected with one of your parents (or rather his father). Time of karmic retribution and retribution for past sins. It's time to pay old bills. Now you will encounter the fruits of their deeds and actions - the result of 30-year life cycle. During such periods, usually fold long life cycles, such as living in a country, a city, long-term work at the company or firm, living with a partner in marriage or long-term cooperation with the business partner, and so on. This is the time of parting, of solitude, analysis proydёnnogo way, while wisdom, philosophical reflection, comprehension of the essence and meaning of things. Destiny will force you to give up his "I", and completely dissolved in the problems of the outside world.           




On your mark, Saturn will make one of the strongest aspect. It is expressed primarily in opening new channels to knowledge and "Information treasuries." Over the next couple of years, you will feel much smarter. Your father may play a role. Saturn suit serious check all your friendships. They say that friends are learned in trouble. Often, in such moments, we understand that real friends can be called only one. One way or another, but to your friendships, you will begin to be treated very seriously and responsibly. In many ways, your predictions will be similar to forecasts for the sign Gemini, the only difference being that in your case, all these aspects relate to longer relationships with friends and associates. Among your friends can now appear very influential person, by means of which (perhaps indirectly) you can find out a lot (too) new. Remember that extra information is sometimes brings serious problems.           




It is very serious, and a strong aspect to your sign. The conquest of the earth heights. Especially in terms of real achievements - building, career and professional growth. However, I must say that the "great achievements" can count only mature and mature representatives of your sign. For the young representatives of the sign of Scorpio, the period of time marked by self-determination and serious life choices they depend on for years to come. The only exception is for those of you whose parents occupy a high position, and pull you along. If you continue the work of their ancestors, you will get large loans and is now strong support of the authorities. First of all, these elections will be related to issues of the future or the present, professional activity, place of residence and family relations.           




A very interesting aspect to your sign. Some of you, this aspect will provide a good chance to buy property abroad, or have a real chance of emigration. Especially if you live in a distant country, one of your parents. Anyway, the next couple of years, parents can greatly affect your long roads and long journeys. This is especially true of those who have long sought it. But get ready for the fact that far from home, have hoped only on themselves. In a foreign country will be cold and lonely. And although this aspect, one can actually get citizenship or residence in a distant country, many of you Saturn "will block foreign channel", and severely limit your ability to travel around the world. Great difficulties are associated with the paperwork. On the negative side may be serious complications in trips abroad, in relations with distant relatives and foreigners.



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