Time Machine

easily seem a saint, when nothing is sacred


Many have heard about Time Machine as a hypothetical device for time travel, in spite of its natural course. And, certainly, it imagines each in different ways: one sees a certain device placed on his desk, the other - some brilliant mechanical structure with a chair and an open space, the third generally see the time machine as something translucent, created from clouds ...
But the essence of Time Machine is not in how it looks and what are its properties.

Time Machine, in fact - is a functional biological device that can be moved in two streams of time. In the past and in the future. In the real world, this property has only a unique set of genes - the human genome, the DNA molecule located in each of us.

The whole genome is fixed livelihoods of our ancestors seven generations (in the past) and, of course, vital functions of each of us, accrued to the current point in time. Accordingly, all the current events of our lives, too, will be fixed in the genome and transmitted to our descendants seven generations (in the future).


Genome, as you know, is a unique set of genes that characterizes each of us. Genes located in the DNA molecule which has a spiral structure.


Time Machine


It attracts an amazing coincidence structure of the DNA molecule with the movement of the sun and the planets of the solar system in space. The sun and the planets, the center of our galaxy, too, gyrate, amazingly coincides with the structure of the DNA molecule.



The DNA molecule of interest to the structural arrangement of genes that are interconnected at different angles of 270 °, 240 °, 180 °, 120 °, 90 °, 60 °, 45 °, 30 ° and other degrees.


Time Machine


The second amazing coincidence that the planets revolving around the sun, between a periodic manner similar angles. Angles or aspects, which interprets the traditional astrology.

Time Machine

The planets in the solar system


Taking as a basis of the above and accurate orbital periods of the planets of the solar system, it creates a time machine.



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